Loren Taylor in Maxwell Park

Innovative, Progressive, and Pragmatic: Loren’s Priorities for Oakland

Tackling Homelessness and Building Housing

Our multigenerational housing and homelessness crisis demands a layered solution—building more housing, protecting our renters, providing mental health and addiction programs, and more—to ensure that everyone in Oakland has a safe, stable place to call home. Ending this cycle is a moral imperative that has been among Loren’s top priorities since his first day in City Hall.

Making Oakland Neighborhoods Safer

Oakland’s public safety crisis has reached a boiling point, and Loren believes we need to make systemic, comprehensive change to immediately reverse the trend of homicides and crime in our communities. He has a record of championing smart investments in technology, partnering with responsible law enforcement, investing in community-centered violence prevention services, and centering equity in our public safety system.

Building an Effective & Efficient Government

Oaklanders entrust elected officials to make smart, efficient investments with their hard-earned tax dollars. That’s a responsibility Loren takes seriously. During his time in city hall, he has worked to ensure greater transparency and data-driven accountability regarding city services.

Growing Oakland's Economy Equitably

Every community deserves equal opportunity and resources to thrive—especially as COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted the economic future of women and communities of color. Loren has led the fight to lift up and empower every Oaklander, especially those who have been disregarded for far too long.

Promoting Public Health & Wellness

The most severe public health crisis in generations—which hit working families and communities of color harder than others—shed stark light on the inequities of our approach to health and wellness in Oakland. We have a responsibility to make substantial, holistic investments in community health, from food to mental health to COVID-19 vaccines, and that’s what Loren has done.