Loren Taylor with a microphone speaking to a crowd

Why I’m Running

As a third-generation son of Oakland, my dedication to waking up every single morning and working towards a better Oakland is deeply personal. My wife Erica and I have chosen to stay and raise our family here because of everything The Town represents: grit and hard work; diversity and equal opportunity for all; creativity and innovation.

This is a great and proud city, but too often a focus on what divides us gets in the way of building the Oakland we all deserve, one with economic opportunities in safe and just communities. Oakland has no shortage of good intentions and great ideas from our residents and our government: what we need is pragmatic, hands-on leadership to navigate the way forward—someone who focuses on the details of governing instead of the drama and grandstanding that too often holds us back.

I’m running for Mayor to be that leader, one who unites our communities to realize Oakland’s potential. As Mayor, I’ll focus on delivering results rather than rhetoric and making progress rather than politics.

Many candidates will tell you they have a progressive vision of a better future for Oakland, but Oaklanders deserve a mayor who will roll up their sleeves and do the hard work necessary to make that vision a reality. Innovative, progressive, and pragmatic: that’s the mindset that will solve Oakland’s most pressing problems. That’s what I’ve proven I can do in my career and my work as a councilmember, and that’s what I’ll do as Mayor.

We’ve already made great strides. During my three years representing East Oakland, I tackled some of Oakland’s most complex problems: advancing the fight against homelessness and the housing crisis; increasing access to economic opportunities; and in the past year and a half, minimizing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Oaklanders. But we still have so much more to do, and together, with the right leadership in City Hall, we can do so much more.

Together, we can make every community safe and just, a place where we all can live, learn, work, and play. Together, we can ensure that every Oaklander has access to housing they can afford, quality public education, and opportunity in the place they were born or would like to live. If you join me, together we will build a new future for ourselves and the city we love.