Loren Taylor smiling with Oakland Hills in the background and his logo that says "Loren Taylor for Oakland Mayor"
Building an Effective & Efficient Government

Oaklanders entrust elected officials to make smart, efficient investments with their hard-earned tax dollars. That’s a responsibility Loren takes seriously. During his time in city hall, he has worked to ensure greater transparency and data-driven accountability regarding city services.

  • Coauthored a resolution to develop a robust performance management system to increase accountability, transparency, and public confidence
  • Developed a centralized contract management system to reduce costs and improve product and service quality 
  • Partnered with public employee unions to streamline the hiring of city employees
  • Proposed a satellite office, City Hall East, to serve constituents in East Oakland and increase accessibility to services for more than half of our residents
  • Prioritized accountability and transparency for every section of the city budget, including analyzing and exposing the actual size of the police overtime budget
Loren Taylor in Maxwell Park