Loren Taylor smiling with Oakland Hills in the background and his logo that says "Loren Taylor for Oakland Mayor"
Promoting Public Health & Wellness

The most severe public health crisis in generations—which hit working families and communities of color harder than others—shed stark light on the inequities of our approach to health and wellness in Oakland. We have a responsibility to make substantial, holistic investments in community health, from food to mental health to COVID-19 vaccines, and that’s what Loren has done.

  • Worked with Alameda County Public Health Department, Mayor Libby Schaaf, city staff, the Oakland Frontline Healers, Umoja Health, local churches, and many other community organizations to ensure that Oakland is taking care of its own with a COVID-relief meal program, and by addressing the disproportionate impact of the virus on the city’s communities of color
  • Envisioned the SABA Grocers Initiative, which established a food supply-chain infrastructure that helps small immigrant businesses employ economies of scale and also provides financial support to Oaklanders for food purchases at corner stores
  • Promoted fitness and exercise through support and activation of an outdoor gym at Arroyo Viejo Park, and increased programming at both Arroyo Viejo and Rainbow Recreation Centers
  • Convened a broad cross-spectrum of community stakeholders to develop plans for addressing increasing mental health needs; called upon Alameda County to adequately invest in community and mental health services and raise awareness around mental health as directed by the April 2021 Department of Justice Report
Loren Taylor in Maxwell Park